TUCAI Corporate values – a strong customer oriented vision, a sense of challenge, a yearning for innovation and competitiveness – guide our actions and tell what is important to us and what we are committed to. They provide orientation and unite all Tucai sister companies worldwide.
We believe our global and strong presence in different areas of the world together with our long-term strategic orientation well position us for future success.
TUCAI philosophy is to develop solutions to new challenges that are reflected in the Market and by our Customers. We are proud that our products that install easier and last longer revert into labor and money savings for Installers and end-users.



The main priority of the TUCAI GROUP is to develop the market for flexible connections and valves for fluids, facilitating the work of installers and taking care of our Customers’ needs at all times.


These policies are the overall framework to lead the organization towards a model of excellence, with the thoughts based on risk, continuous improvement and using our values as an essential tool: Integrity, Excellence, Customer commitment and Innovation.


The management system is based on:

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, providing them with innovative quality solutions, service and price suited to the market and with personalised advice

  • Permanent INNOVATION, both in products and processes through the promotion of knowledge and scientific and technological development.

  • CONSTANT AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, to adapt and respond competitively to market demands, enhancing the capabilities of Tucai Group workers

  • TALENT, METHOD AND CULTURE to promote knowledge, teamwork and the growth of the human team, through competency management and professional development. Promoting risk prevention and safety processes. 

  • RESPECT FOR OUR CO-WORKERS, guaranteeing equality of conditions and development opportunities to allow both personal and professional growth.

  • CONTINUOUS TRAINING for all co-workers and advice to clients.

  • COMMUNICATION as a source of information to assess and increase the   satisfaction of all parties involved. 

  • COMMITMENT to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements

  • RESPONSIBILITY TO SOCIETY by maintaining high social ethical standards in all our activities for the conservation of natural resources and the active protection of health and safety, generating wealth for shareholders, employees and third-party groups related to the activity and public institutions.

The Management team is committed to establishing, developing and providing the necessary resources to achieve the viable objectives and goals set out in the Quality and Safety System. Furthermore, it is committed to ensuring that its Policy is understood and implemented, involving all levels of the organisation.